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Drum Dictionary

A detailed glossary of more than 600 drum-related terms.


My drum blog, where I post pithy drum and music oriented essays roughly twice a month

Friends of the Drum Yoda

Century Drum Shop
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We buy, sell, trade, consign, and repair old drums and percussion.  While emphasis is towards vintage and antique drums and  percussion, we will also be carrying new hand made cymbals and other hand built percussion pieces.  

MES Online

Music Equipment Sales Ltd. (MES) is a Hamilton Ontario-based music store. Started in 1971 by Bill Longley, MES introduced competitive product pricing to Canada. MES has always been known as a source of knowledge. Honest, straight-forward information has always been willingly shared with anyone who needed help in making an informed decision about the purchase or servicing of any music related gear.

The Krooked Cowboy

Shawn Brush is one of Canada’s finest performers of bluegrass, folk, and country music. A superb solo artist, Shawn writes songs full of passion and truth. There’s a sincere, bittersweet quality to his voice that reaches the listener deep within.


Drum Channel

"Today, more and more of your television content is coming over the internet. Our goal is to provide you with broadcast quality lessons and shows and all original content."


Short for Drum Education Online, Drumeo is a provider of web-based lessons and teaching material. Home of Jared Falk.

Free Jazz Lessons

Jazz pianist Steve Nixon hopes that this site will fill some of the gap created by decreased music department budgets, and he wants to bring the love of blues and jazz back to America and the rest of the world. Each month the site receives over 50,000 visitors from jazz students all over the world.

Drums Player World

how to play the drumsDrumsPlayerWorld.com is a site that is dedicated to offering free drum lessons for players of all levels. I remembered the time when I first picked up a pair of drumsticks back in 2002 when the Internet was in its infancy stage. To be honest, learning or trying to get information online at that time is a really difficult process.

Hit Like a Girl

Supporting and celebrating the impact of female drummers, The 2012 “Hit Like A Girl” contest was the first ever drumming contest for girls and women.

Virtual Drum School

Canadian jazz drummer Rich Irwin presents insightful videos for a very reasonable subscription fee.


Drummer Cafe

The Drummer Café is an independent, grassroots establishment which is owned, operated and funded by Nashville drummer/percussionist, Bart Elliott.

Four on the Floor

An excellent drum blog from award-winning Calgary-based jazz drummer Jon McCaslin


Hear for Life

For over 30 years Rhonda Martin has been a leader in the hearing health care industry. She has built a reputation in the Canadian music industry as the reliable source for advice and affordable options in hearing technology for musicians.

Musicians Clinics of Canada

Every musician should get to know the people here.

Magazines & on-line magazines

The Black Page

The Black Page is a free online drum magazine and drummer hang out dedicated to delivering content to drummers across the globe. Every month we feature awesome drum lessons, interviews with today's top drummers, reviews on the latest drum and cymbal gear and a monthly custom drum feature.


Our mission is to be the best source of drumming news and info on this planet ... and others as they become populated.


DrummerWorld is an encyclopedia-like website and features Drummers from all genres in the history of Jazz and Rock - from the past till present times.

Greater Hamilton Musicians Magazine

Hamilton is in the middle of an artistic renaissance. We're documenting it. We're promoting artists who are moving forward with their music. We're connecting talented musicians with the supporting ideas, services, and tradespeople that will be their key to success in the business.

Not So Modern Drummer

Hosted by Poco drummer George Stone, this is an awesome repository of vintage drum information

Tom Tom Magazine

Tom Tom Magazine is the only magazine in the world dedicated to female drummers.

Makers – Drums


The Underground Drum Company makes hand-crafted drums in an incredible array of sizes, colours and configurations.

Makers – Sticks


'Stick with the Groove" - A world class selection of premium drumsticks drummers will find simply irresistible.

Los Cabos

Los Cabos Drumsticks are a Canadian company located in the province of New Brunswick on the country’s east coast. Founders Larry and Gillian Guay chose the name Los Cabos (the cape) as a way to reflect both the unique qualities of their home province and the wide world of music to which their products appeal.

Vater Percussion

The Vater brand started in the basement of Boston's legendary Jack's Drum Shop where, Alan Vater and Jack Adams hand turned drumsticks for drummers such as Buddy Rich as early as 1956. “At Vater, our goal is simple... to produce the very best drumsticks and percussion accessories in the world.”

Vic Firth

Vic Firth began designing and manufacturing drumsticks almost 50 years ago. Everyone at Vic Firth is dedicated to the philosophy of creating the finest products possible, guaranteeing them against all defects, and always striving to get even better.

Los Cabos

Los Cabos Drumsticks, located in the province of New Brunswick on Canada’s east coast, is turning heads with their wide range of quality Canadian-made products and with the way they choose to do business. “We use only the finest grades of wood. Every dowel is hand inspected to ensure that the grain is straight and free from any defects.


Why grooves? Feel. Control. Confidence. Drummers and percussionists sometimes explore numerous ways to enhance the ‘grip experience’ on their drumsticks. Headhunters ‘Stick with the Groove™’ has addressed this by incorporating the grip experience directly into our designs. Drummers will immediately notice the distinctive grooved areas and unique taper profiles in each of the Headhunters Maple and Hickory Grooves™ series.


ProMark, founded in 1957 by Herb Brochstein, has always been a family business and so continues with the 2011 purchase by D’Addario & Company. ProMark uses only non-endangered wood in manufacturing its sticks and mallets. ProMark has been the sticks of choice by such renowned artists as Neil Peart, Elvin Jones, Ringo Starr, Phil Collins, Mike Portnoy, 9-time DCI champion Concord Blue Devils, and many, many more.


Crafted to the same extraordinarily high standards as Zildjian cymbals, Zildjian drumsticks and mallets simply feel great. Manufactured with state-of-the-art consistency, they are 100% guaranteed straight. All of our sticks are crafted from the highest quality U.S. hickory or maple.

Hot Sticks

The first Hot Sticks were created in 1979 and combined many of the features that would establish Hot Sticks’ reputation as leaders in drumsticks innovation. Hot Sticks offer a variety of brightly colored models and incorporate a proprietary dry grinding process to protect the integrity of the wood. The result was a line of drumsticks that are among the smoothest, straightest, most consistent, and most comfortable as well as the most visually unique and attractive in the industry.

Regal Tip

Joe Calato revolutionized the drumstick industry in 1958 when he perfected the drumstick with a nylon tip that stayed on, didn’t shatter and produced a sound pleasing to the ear and which helped define the musical styles of the day with its signature clarity.

Interesting & Miscellaneous

NAMM Oddities

A wonderful compendium of the strange and novel from NAMM music shows.