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All works are copyrighted by Richard Best. You may use this material freely. If you use the material in your teaching, be sure to attribute your source (I.e. Me). You may forward the material to others but a better method would be to direct people to this page. I will be adding more material from time to time.


My drum blog, where I post pithy educational drum and music oriented essays roughly twice a month.

Drum Dictionary

A detailed glossary of  nearly 800 drum-related terms with detailed explanations and a plethora of cross-references. The most complete list of drum terminology available anywhere.

Tip Sheets How Music Works:  A quick introduction to standard music notation.
How To Learn A Tune: A step by step guide to identifying a tune's components through analytical listening.
How To Practice: More than a baker's dozen of practical and easy to implement practicing tips.
Let Me Rephrase That:  Phrases are the building blocks of music. Here's how to use phrases to make your playing more musical.
Make Your Ears Last A Lifetime:  Why and how you can protect your hearing.
Music Styles & Structures:  Your key to understanding the most common forms found in modern music.
The Ride Rhythm - Getting it right: How to master the classic jazz ride rhythm. 
Tricky Things Those Quarter Notes:  
Why Jazz Matters:  Jazz has had a profound influence on modern music.
Your First Drum Set: Buying your first drums shouldn't be confusing or risky. 
Exercise Sheets Basic Rock Beats:  A guide to dozens of basic rock beats, patterns and interpretations in just four pages.
Linear Paradiddles: Based on a idea from Alan Dawson, these exercises will get your hands and bass drum a real workout.
Moving Bass Drum: Basic exercises to play against a rock beat to build foot control.
Triplet Time Feel Study: A guide to creating a real jazz feel in the 'inner line'.
12/8 Time Study: A collection of rhythmic exercises in 12/8.
Brush Basics A handy tutorial for mastering the brushes. Covers 18 of the most commonly used brush patterns including swing, ballads, Latin, and 3/4, with easy to follow diagrams.
Stick Control Unleashed Part I:  Strength Building - Exercises and interpretations to build some muscle while enhancing control, articulation and rhythmic sense.
Part II:  Rock & Funk -A set of rock oriented interpretations with emphasis on bass drum development and independence.
Part III: Jazz - In addition to independence, these exercises help develop fast and slow tempo playing as well as an open time concept.
Part IV: Latin - Interpretations cover samba, mambo, clave, bombo and more.
Part V: Graduate Studies - These exercises don't fall neatly into any one genre but can be used in almost any context. 

"Essence of Jazz" Annotations

Essence of Jazz Annotated: A summary of  Jim Blackley's epic work, The Essence of Jazz Drumming. This guide provides the 'back story' for each of the chapters and sections.
Essence of Jazz Total Program: A line by line guide to the book, exercise sequences and cross references.